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“I am sure we are on the same wavelength. Why do you not take your cockatoo out and stick your finger up the bottom?”


‘Allo ‘Allo – The Original stage play

The original stage show has a large number of sound cues and some of these effects are difficult to source or prepare! But we have put together a collection of Sound Effects (41 cues in total) for the script. The effects cover everything from scene link music to motor horns, and Tango dances to snapping G-strings! We have also recorded and included versions of the numerous radio messages and ‘Nature Loving Norma’ (with backing music and ‘Swedish’ accented voice over)!

Read details of the sound effects provided on the here (PDF).  You can choose to buy the sound FX on a CD (written as an audio CD with .wma files) or as a digital download.

‘Allo ‘Allo 2 – The Camembert Caper

We have assembled the effects as listed on the acting edition script. A total of 28 effects.

Read details of the sound effects provided on the here (PDF).  A set of .mp3 files are available as a digital download.


Hiring the costumes and props pack for either show?

The Sound Effects are included as part of  your costume Hire Pack so that’s another worry off your chest!

Not hiring the costumes and props pack for your show?

If you are not hiring the pack, but would like to purchase a copy of the Sound Effects, Click here to visit our shop page.