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'Allo 'Allo Costume Hire and Prop Packages

“Here is a Gestapo suspender belt. Suspended from the elastic are two mousetraps…”

Herr Otto Flick

Peaked caps and berets, white Goering jackets, officer trenchcoats, brown ‘Hitler shirts’, Gendarme uniforms, military tunics, belts, trousers, aprons, a nun’s habit and wimple, and much, much more!

We have an extensive collection of props and costumes of various sizes – enough to supply 2 different hires at the same time (if individual cast measurements allow). A selection of pictures of our costumes are shown below. 

View the full costumes and prop pack inventory!

It is entirely up to your director how they decide to costume the end scene where the stage is littered with Hitlers and Goering – an assortment of suitable items are provided in the packs.

We are not able to provide a ‘supply to measurements service’ like other standard theatrical costumiers and we cannot alter the sizes of the costumes available. We do however have an assortment of back-up costumes and we are always happy to try and help so please ask!

We concentrate on the harder to source costumes: uniforms, military shirts, hats and special items. We expect, and hope, that most groups can source white shirts, blouses and black skirts and trousers!

If you have any questions about any specific item please contact us.

Individual costumes to hire:

We have a number of spare officer coats, tunics and jackets which we use as spares.

So if the complete hire packages are not available on the date of your show, if you just want a few items or if you simply need a few other costumes for front of house, please contact us to discuss your requirements and we’ll see what we can do for you…

Costume storage and shipment:

Our costumes are stored on hanging racks in between hires and then transferred to strong, reinforced and lockable metal trunks to ensure security and protection during transportation and while being hired.

Each pack comes in 3 trunks (measuring 84cm long, by 50cm wide, by 42cm high). Overall they weigh c. 30kg each and require 2 people to lift them safely. Overall, with packaging, the entire packs weigh just under 90kg each.

For those customers collecting and returning by own transport, 2 trunks cans fit into a medium sized car and we can package the remaining items into large bags to easily fit a car boot.

You can collect and return them in person (by arrangement) from Milton Keynes, or, in exceptional circumstances, we can arrange a courier shipment to you (the additional price of this is passed on to you at cost on top of the standard hire fee).

If you have any questions please contact us to discuss details and options.