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'Allo 'Allo Costume Hire and Prop Packages

After successfully performing the original stageshow of ‘Allo ‘Allo from Samuel French Ltd, and then being given permission, by Lloyd & Croft, to write and perform a sequel, we have sets of costumes and core props available for this hilarious amateur show! You can hire them from us (or buy a comprehensive props package) through this website.

Props Packages

A comprehensive props pack for the stage show of ‘Allo ‘Allo, or some individual items to prop up your props table!

Costumes to Hire

We have two sets of costumes for the show, taking away the headache of trying to find them all yourselves!

“Leesen verrry carefully, I weel say zis only wurnce…!”

Michelle of the Resistance

Complete Props and Costumes Package

We can provide a one stop solution for your wardrobe and props departments. Originally purchased and assembled for a production by Milton Keynes Theatre of Comedy in 2007, these costumes have been substantially added to since and has been hired out to dozens of theatre groups across the United Kingdom and has even a few trips across the Channel!

Props for Sale

We have a comprehensive props package priced at £170 for sale which you can purchase to provide all the necessary props for your rehearsals. Don’t worry if your inflatable Hitler develops a puncture (which even Yvette cannot inflate) as you can purchase a replacement and additional items from our store.

Costumes to Hire

We have a wide selection of costumes to hire at competitive prices. Hires are for a two week period which means your cast can use the costumes in final rehearsals and for publicity pictures prior to your production.

You  collect and return yourself (from Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire) or in exceptional cases we can arrange courier delivery (subject to additional charges) depending on your location.

Sound Effects

You can also purchase a CD of sound effects for the show. Another worry sorted! If you purchase our props package a free copy of the Sound FX CD is included.